Where is Momentum in the Green Economy Today?

The new 2022 Global Green Economy Index™ (GGEI) offers real-time insight into which of the 160 markets it covers have green economy momentum today. By tracking the change in performance over time across the 18 GGEI indicators, the GGEI identifies where green economies are developing most rapidly and what is driving the change. Some takeaways:

– While ranking 108th overall on the GGEI, Jordan is #1 in terms of green economy progress from 2005-2020. Jordan’s progress is fueled by new installed renewable energy capacity and efficiency improvements in its buildings & manufacturing sectors. 

– While both showing mediocre overall GGEI performance, the US and China diverge significantly when only progress is considered, with China ranking 9th and the US 57th.

– Despite rhetorical commitments to green growth, G7 countries including Japan (151st), Canada (103rd), and Germany (89th) show tepid progress between 2005-2020.

– GGEI subscriptions provide our partners with progress measurement in customized time frames (e.g. 2015-present). These data inform policy assessments (i.e. did policies result in actual progress?) Click here to learn more.

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