A Summer Breakthrough

This summer, we sense something shifting in the global sustainability movement. The urgency of the climate crisis is resonating more. And scrutiny of proposed solutions is sharper. But why? We believe that data and information flows are one big reason:

  • More frequent & severe weather events are increasingly linked to the climate crisis, adding urgency to an abstract problem. Our 2020 survey “Getting to a 2020s Green Breakthrough” foreshadowed this development. (Source: Dual Citizen LLC)
  • Carbon offsets used by companies as part of net zero pledges are literally burning in forest fires, calling into question the long-term viability of this approach. (Source: FT)
  • There is an inconvenient truth to the boom in renewables, as the share of fossil fuels in global energy consumption is basically unchanged over the past decade. (Source: REN21)
  • Lofty sustainability targets for 2030 or 2050 from countries and companies no longer matter for much if they aren’t accompanied with transparent, periodic progress updates. (Source: Science-Based Targets)

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