Preview the 18 GGEI Indicators

As we near the launch of the special 10-year anniversary edition of the Global Green Economy Index™ (GGEI), we wanted to give our subscribers a preview on the 18 indicators that will define this new GGEI and why they matter.

Click below for a short audio description of the GGEI indicators, which ones are new for this edition, and what they tell us about green economy performance in the 160 countries that will be tracked.
Listen to a 4-minute description of the 18 GGEI indicators by clicking here (this small audio file will play on your desktop or mobile phone).

Also, be sure to watch our recent 2-minute video below on the two innovations to expect in the new GGEI, related to tracking country progress on each indicator, as well as the distance of each country from associated global sustainability targets.

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