These frequently asked questions should address the most common inquiries we receive about the study and customizations:

Q: Who publishes and funds the study?

A: The study is a joint publication between Dual Citizen LLC and KnowlEdge Srl, a consultancy providing integrated modeling to inform decision-making. It is funded entirely through online purchases through this web platform.

Q: Which countries are covered in the study?

A: This first edition fully models 11 countries, and includes a special section on France. These 11 countries are China, the United States, India, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Mexico. They were selected because collectively, the contribute to over 60% of global emissions and generate signficant emissions from their energy sectors.

Q: What is an “integrated” model and how does your modeling differ from others?

A: An integrated model simulates economy-wide impacts of policy interventions like emission reduction goals (e.g. pledges to the COP21) and renewable energy and/or energy efficiency targets. In the case of our study, we use these simulations to better understand linkages between emission reductions and impacts throughout the economy, including in energy markets, investment and employment. This is different from other modeling developed thus far around emissions reductions and carbon abatement, which project the cost associated with reaching certain economy-wide or sector-based reductions in emissions.

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