Can AI & Machine Learning Accelerate a 2020s Green Breakthrough?

We are pleased to release a new Insight today: “Can AI & Machine Learning Accelerate a 2020s Green Breakthrough?” The Insight is authored by our strategic advisor Karuna Ramakrishnan and builds on research over the past year exploring how new approaches to data can accelerate green progress and address the climate crisis.

Click here to access to the full Insight. You can access a video from a webinar related to this Insight by clicking here.

In addition to providing an overview of where AI and machine learning stand in 2020, this Insight mentions more than 50 new companies, organizations and initiatives active in this space. It also provides:

– Examples of how individual data can be better leveraged to track environmental topics like air quality, predict EV charging patterns, and optimize water use.

– Cases where companies are using AI & machine learning to improve agriculture management, promote energy efficiency, and reduce Scope 2 emissions from purchased electricity for company operations.

– Ways that sovereign data can be transformed to better track compliance to climate agreements, price bonds to account for ESG factors, and optimize the use of renewable energy for power production and infrastructure.

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