Access Data

Partners and clients who subscribe to the GGEI can access the full performance and perception data from the current 2018 GGEI, as well as data from previous editions. Our engagements are completely customizable: some partners are only interested in the full GGEI data while others are more interested in receiving an intepretation of the results for countries, regions or topics central to their mission. Our goal is always to create partnerships tailored to these unique needs. To begin the conversation, below is an example of how a typical GGEI subscription can be structured:

  • Delivery of full perception (survey) and performance (index) data from the most recent edition of the GGEI. The four main dimensions of the GGEI - leadership & climate change, efficiency sectors, markets & investment and the environment  - are each defined by a variety of thematic sub-categories. We collect both perception and performance data for these different topics and themes. Only subscribing clients receive this full, proprietary data delivery; the information in the public domain is aggregated.
  • A written report interpreting and synthesizing these results, translating them into more accessible issues and opportunities for clients to evaluate. An overall structure of this report could include an executive summary, key trends identified, implications for the client given its unique approach to green economy, and concrete suggestions for how to improve rankings in the future, with a particular focus on capacity building, training, strategic communications and data analytics.
  • A one-day virtual or live workshop linking findings from the GGEI to the client's specific strategic needs. One workshop model is convening individuals tasked with managing green data so they can better understand the GGEI data and what it is useful for. In other cases, this workshop could engage representatives from a wide-range of ministries or businesses with the goal of increasing their understanding of the green economy concept overall. Other customized models and approaches can be explored upon understanding more about the client’s priorities in this space.  

Our goal is always to tailor each subscription to the needs of the client, so that what we deliver adds concrete value to their work.  To inquire about partnership, please contact Jeremy Tamanini here.