Dual Citizen works with clients to leverage strategic communications and data analytics to advance their growth and development agendas.  This work is organized around four interrelated areas:

Strategic Communications We help clients articulate a strategy for communications, focusing on the platforms, channels and approaches that will yield the greatest contribution to furthering their growth and development.  We have particular expertise in translating how the benefits of digital - including the web, social media, and mobile - can be leveraged to advance client agendas.  Our approach includes an emphasis on performance assessment, using analysis tools to ensure that communications efforts are both tracked and optimized.

Data Analytics Digital communications channels in particular offer a variety of analytic tools to better understand which activities are garnering the best results and engagement and why.  We utilize many 3rd-party analysis frameworks to help our clients understand what types of messaging and campaigns are working, and where resources may need to be reallocated.  We also developed our own approach to social media analysis and an introductory video to explain how this works.

Green Economy The foundation for our approach to green economy is the Global Green Economy Index™ (GGEI), an analytic tool we have been publishing since 2010 to deliver data and insight to clients looking to advance their performance and reputation in this space.  A subscription to the full results from the GGEI gives clients a baseline for understanding their relative standing in this space and how communications and green branding can advance it.  The 5th edition of the GGEI was published in September 2016, and can be accessed here

Customized Research Clients with particular interest in exploring aspects of the GGEI further can engage us to perform customized research assignments.  Some examples of these assignments include: customizations by country, region or city, a market green investment prospectus, sectoral or thematic communications, localized perception surveys, training packages for index creation and more.  For more detail on this work, please click here.