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The Study

The Climate Moment

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This study presents proprietary data projections and research insights for 12 national markets (full model simulations for China, the United States, India, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Mexico, with a special section on France) representing over 60% of global carbon emissions today. By purchasing the study (approximately 200 pages), our clients receive:

  • A country cover page summarizing our view of each country’s relative strength in terms of its demonstrated policy commitment to reducing emissions, investment and payback period, market opportunities and jobs and talent. This cover page also summarizes the most relevant "push" and "pull" factors to be aware of in each market.
  • 70 key takeaways from the modeling results, with a particular emphasis on topics or themes that will resonate with market actors (i.e. policy makers, investors and businesses) in each national context and key differences resulting from the business-as-usual (BAU) and Low Carbon (LC) scenarios simulated in the model.
  • 50 original research insights across the 12 countries, providing clients with a nuanced understanding of the broader national or state/province level dynamics to consider, new investment risks and opportunities, business trends and issues related to local job markets and the availability of skilled talent.
  • In-depth modeling results for each country's BAU and LC scenario for emissions, energy demand, energy supply and associated investments, avoided costs and impacts on employment. A total of 2,530 indicators and over 100,000 data points have informed the creation of this study.
  • A summary data table showing full data results from the model for 15 lead indicators, presented from 2015 to the INDC target year (e.g. 2025 or 2030), as well as 2040 projections. This data table summarizes approximately 230 indicators estimated for each country for the period 2000 – 2040. 

To securely access the study, simply click on the "Purchase" button on this page and follow the simple and secure 4-step checkout process. Once your transaction is approved, you will receive access to the study in its entirety through your account on dualcitizeninc.com. You will also receive an email confirmation.  For clients interested in customized versions of the study, please click here.

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