Our country-level customization option allows clients to design and request their own scenarios from our model. Below is a sample of some of the assumptions and policies clients can select from. The customization pricing would differ depending on the scope of work required. Contact us below to inquire about further details on this customization service and we will respond confirming your request within 48 hours of receiving it.

Policies and targets: Unit
Renewable energy target %
Renewable energy capacity MW
Renewable energy production MWh/year
Energy efficiency improvement % or %/year
Energy intensity TJ/$
Investment (annual or cumulative) in RE (total or by technology) $ or $/Year
Investment (annual or cumulative) in EE (total or by sector) $ or $/Year
Target emission reduction % or Ton

GDP growth %
Population growth %
Coal prices $/TJ (or others)
Petroleum prices $/TJ (or others)
Natural Gas prices $/TJ (or others)
Electricity price $/TJ (or others)
Baseline energy efficiency improvement %/year
Cost of technologies (RE, by technology), capital and O&M cost $/MW
Energy Efficiency costs $/ton
Labor intensity of technologies (construction and O&M) people/MW
Employment creation per million $ of investment jobs/$/Year
Discount rate %